27 April 2008

It's summer! :)

Finally summer is here! Friday I had a coke in the sun with Karen, yesterday we went to the beach and had our first apéro on our "new" terrasse! La vie est belle! :)
Philippe worked really hard yesterday morning to put in our new lawn, the one we bought in march is already dead, so we bought 30 rolls of grass and now we have a wonderful little garden too! :) The hard part is to forbid Titan to do holes etc on the lawn, he can't understand why this grass is different from the grass outside... :)

Tuesday a friend of ours invited us to his cottage in Andorra, we had so much fun! It's in the mountain so we had prepared our snowboards and everything and when we got up there we found out that they closed for the season last sunday... well well, we had fun anyway! :) Good food, beautiful mountains, 40% taxfree, (I saw the Nikon D80 for over 200€ cheaper!) friends and fun!

We went to the vet friday and they think Titan is fat!!! So now he's on a diet... a puppy on diet!
So I thought it's a good moment to get in shape (yeah right) me too! So now - breakfast and dinner is Kellogs, a hard boiled egg, a slice of Wasa and lot's of water. It's not really a diet it's just a "up-shaper"! :) We'll see how that goes, he he!

Now we're off to Philippe's parents house, barbeque in the sun, lovely! And Titan can run around in their huge garden and maybe have a dip in the pool! :)

So, have a really nice sunday everybody! :D


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Kara said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments of my blog. Your mini a few posts down is soooo amazing. Love it. Have a great day!