28 April 2008

Old camera (broken by me)

This is an old camera Philippes grandma gave me, she so sweet! She knows i want a Holga so she looked in her collections and found not less then 7 oldies! She gave me this one and two rolls of film. So happy.
Not even 12 hours in my custody and i broke it. Super. How stupid can you get?! Merde... It's a screw in the bottom that makes the camera stay in the leather "bag" to provided it from fall, exactly what i didn't not screw. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.........................


It's the arm-like thingie that makes the film jump forward that i broke, so absolutely nothing to do. (Tapping my head against the table)

Voilà a monday evening!

1 comment:

Silje Røe Hagland said...

"Bajs" HAHAHA, sorry, men jeg maa le, du er saa soet!

Det var leit aa hoere om kameraet ditt, jeg har gjort det samme, kun timer etter at jeg fikk det :(

Haaper alt er bra <3