04 February 2016

Blog Move!

OMG! It's been over a year since I changed to Wordpress and my new blog www.viggosmama.com !
Please head over there right away and change your bloglovin if you followed me there!


A new viggosmama.comfor a new life! viggosmama.com :D

19 November 2014

01 August 2014

PL week 22 right page

 Thunderstorms are forecasted here for tonight and tomorrow so I'll be updating with a lot,of pics this weekend I hope, I have like 10 spreads that I haven't showed you yet!
And we made salt dough with Viggo! And redecorated his room, again! :)

Masha and Lara! And little Lev still in the tummy on this pic!
My little boy!

31 July 2014


We've been doing a lot of stuff lately and I don't know how to organise it all, posting PL spreads, instagram my summer and photographe our DIY's... I'll try to get it sorted during my short vacations, I wanna blog more, take more pics and be as creative as I can! ;)

Left side:

Details of my sweetheart
Playin' with the doh
Mothers day was spent making and baking :)

23 July 2014


In the series "Late Updates" of my PL - here's episode 21! :D

Left side: 
Hrm, didn't notice the white card fell off a bit when I took the pic...
Beach fun!
And absolutely NO fun, spring cleaning...

Right side:
All these faces makes me melt...
 Cuteness in a box! :D

22 July 2014


Viggo has a little mini kitchen like almost every kiddo and he loves to spend time makin' and bakin'. But - the thing is, I'd love for him to have some "food' to play with too and no plastic stuff but the real deal. So I thought of trolldeg! When I was little we made salty dough almost every weekend and I want Viggo to do the same. Esay peasy to make the dough and just bake it in the owen and paint! I'm planning on doing cinnamonrolls and raspberry cakes like below, total photocredit to the blog Lindas Rassel that I found on pinterest, it's exactly how I visioned it in my head! And why not donuts and pain au chocolat? And croissants?! Yaj! :D
I'm going to have more fun than Viggo!

Before baking
Like these but fake

Stay tuned tomorrow for more ideas, I found so much fun on Pinterest!

20 July 2014


To continue the late update on my spreads here in the blog, here's week 19 and 20!
Today we had a real summer storm here so we stayed in almost all day long and even lit candles for some cosiness... I edited a bunch of photos and made yet another spread. Nice. But here is 19+20:

Right page
Viggo is diaper free! Yaj!
Less is more
Trying to make some more journaling on my spreads, sometimes an image isn't more than 1000 words cus I do forget sometimes... :D

Left side

 I found some old "Love, Elsie" embellies (Elsie Larson from ABM designed them years ago) and they are still so darn cute! Got a whole bunch!
 PS I love you
 Chez my ex-boss

16 July 2014


This is were we go to build sand castles, 
and it inspires us to bake these cakes (but we don't):

Viggo takes pool diving to a new dimension:

and drink zipping too...

29 June 2014


 If you follow me on Instagram you know that I'm really up to date in terms of PL spreads. It's just here in the blog that I'm really behind on the updating so here we go!

Left page
Love the golden cam's from Studio Calico
Week 18 was easter and here's my little guy dressed up!

Right page
My DIY alpha documented
The wood chips from SC are really cool
I'm doing it as simple as possible to finish each spread quickly

To be continued!