20 July 2014


To continue the late update on my spreads here in the blog, here's week 19 and 20!
Today we had a real summer storm here so we stayed in almost all day long and even lit candles for some cosiness... I edited a bunch of photos and made yet another spread. Nice. But here is 19+20:

Right page
Viggo is diaper free! Yaj!
Less is more
Trying to make some more journaling on my spreads, sometimes an image isn't more than 1000 words cus I do forget sometimes... :D

Left side

 I found some old "Love, Elsie" embellies (Elsie Larson from ABM designed them years ago) and they are still so darn cute! Got a whole bunch!
 PS I love you
 Chez my ex-boss

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