22 July 2014


Viggo has a little mini kitchen like almost every kiddo and he loves to spend time makin' and bakin'. But - the thing is, I'd love for him to have some "food' to play with too and no plastic stuff but the real deal. So I thought of trolldeg! When I was little we made salty dough almost every weekend and I want Viggo to do the same. Esay peasy to make the dough and just bake it in the owen and paint! I'm planning on doing cinnamonrolls and raspberry cakes like below, total photocredit to the blog Lindas Rassel that I found on pinterest, it's exactly how I visioned it in my head! And why not donuts and pain au chocolat? And croissants?! Yaj! :D
I'm going to have more fun than Viggo!

Before baking
Like these but fake

Stay tuned tomorrow for more ideas, I found so much fun on Pinterest!

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