14 March 2008


Friday! :D I don't work at the moment but when the weekend is coming up i feel all mmmm...

Here is a LO of Titan (again) that i did a bit Love, Elsie-ish with the text around it. Or maybe a bit Holly-ish, i really like her style and handwriting! :)

I still haven't put the frames on the wall but they're all ready! I have a little problem how i shall dispose them! All just in no order or a bit harmonie in it?! Don't know! And i found THE perfect turqoise for the wall but as it's a Flickr photo that can't be saved i don't know how to show it to my local store... "Hello, i would like this color" pointing at my laptop-screen that i brought with me? Euh, nan. So, to be continued. I even try with the dropper-thing in Photoshop but... not the same.
But i can link you to it! Just to show! Voilà!

I'm heading off to Karen's place, i've done a necklace for her, hope she will be happy with it!

Have a nice nice friday evening everybody!


karlamelia said...

Hello. I loved your blog and your work, I have been planning to start scrapbooking but I dont get inspired enough, but that´s just an excuse.. :O) Anyway.. love your doggie too.

regards from Mexico.

Tipsy Tessie said...

Göörfin-sa jag té dej!
Kul med LO med många foton på. Han är ju så sööt den lille vovven!
Själv har jag en tendens till att bara ha ett foto på mina LO. Tycker det är svårt att få till det med flera.
Ha en bra helg!

miss morgan... said...

what a flippin' cutie! love the page! the black & white's with that paper are awesome!

Nessa said...

very cute layoutwiz

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures on your nice dog, from Mum and Solveig