07 May 2008

Yums yums

Bought this bag today, it was there in the store waiting for me and said, buuuyyyhh me! So I had to. Life is hard...

Found some other stuff also and I got really happy when I saw this little baby in a non-scrapbooking store. It also talked to me, so today I got some new friends...

Went to the bank and picked up my new credit-card. We went to the beach friday and took only my purse. We had some coffee and icecream. We payed. The card said no. I went red. Philippe went red. We went red.
The card was due to 30/04/08. Aha... We had to call a friend who came by to pay the bill, we have some nice friends, huh? :)

3rd day that I forget to pay the rent. Super. I always remember at this time, around 20h... Strange...

A part from that no news from here. Oh, yeah, did a LO where I'm going poet. I'm a bit tired of all the colors so I'm going soft for a while. When others do colors I like but myself, pfft, boring.

Philippe will get back from the boxing (?), you know 2 guys hitting eachother, and we'll eat. I'm hungry.

So over and out.


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