10 April 2014


Here's my spread for week 11 and 12, didn't have as much time I would like but that's just the life of a project life:er I guess! :D

Studio Calico is just perfect, I'm so glad a started a subscription!

07 April 2014


We scrapped some this weekend, and when I say we that means little one and me. He's got his own little desk next to mine where he draws, cuts and pastes and it's just lovely too see!

I made 2 pages but I forgot them in my camera at home and I'm at work so... you get it. But here's a preview from my phone! :)

Happy Monday!

02 April 2014


and bye bye March! 
March has been a really busy month, lot's of little pieces coming together...

27 March 2014


In Sweden I bet one kid out of two has this poster on the wall, it's the "Pirum Parum" from Fine Little Day and I've been peeking on it for a while. I finally bought it straight from their online shop beacause they ship to France! Yaj! So next week it's ours!

Viggo's room is slowly coming together, the big work, painting the walls grey is for the moment on hold, gotta find the time! Still waiting for the drawer that goes under Viggo's bed too but the little details, bedding and other cool stuff is on it's way, I'll show you more this weekend! 

26 March 2014


When I saw this little candle on my shopping spree yesterday I just had to have it, it is so true. My work is 8 hours of internet, my hobby and this blog is all about the web and the rest of my time is kinda filled with instagramming, blogloving och pinteresting. Omg, that sounds more addicted than I thought! I do go outside, I do play with my son and I have friends that I socialize with so I hope I'm normal in one way... :)

25 March 2014


with this little man is as fun each time! He wants to pull the cart, put in groceries and use the credit card... The sweetest little man ever!

24 March 2014


This is how I see spring this year, matte aqua and tangerine mixed with pale pink and pretty, cheer patterns! Mixed that with some cool black and white sayings on the wall and you got me!
I seek for the little details and less expensive decoration and it's like the god of poor budgets heard me - H&M Home online store just opened here in France, yaj! That is one perfectly cool timing! So now you have to excuse me, I'm gonna spend the evening clickin' away! :)
( Each product with white background below, is from the Home collection. )

Collage by me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Collage by me 1 2 3 4 5


22 March 2014


It was my dad's birthday this week and I thought a mini album would be a perfect gift! I looked around a bit and found these little jewels, we R memory keepers instagram albums, the perfect color and the perfect size. The page protectors size either 10x10cm or 4 small 5x5cm photos and I just made a template in Photoshop and printed! Easy peasy! :) Tomorrow I'll do some inserts with text etc so my dad knows when and where!

Using some of my new yum! 

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny!

17 March 2014


I bought some new designs for my spreads, nice to change a bit!

I really go for simple for the moment and I realise that I could easily do 2 spreads per week since it takes me like 30 minutes to finish one up. For me it's the printing that takes time, to chose photos etc and I always "leave out" pics for space reasons, that why I'll start making 2 pages from now on!

Used the transparent cards from the Studio Calico Office Hours kit

And my new Amy Tan alphas!

"Bil" means car in swedish, and it's being used like 136 times per hour!

16 March 2014


We thought it was about time that Viggo changes his crib for a real bed, for big boys!
He's been calling us from his bed for weeks now to wake us up and most important, get out of his crib. We hope that this will make him feel more secure, knowing that he can get up and look or us when he wants, and leave us some more minutes underneath the duvet before getting up!

How old was your kid(s) when he/she got a "real" bed?