08 March 2008

Late evening update

I did a layout to the Inspired by Amélie-blog and it was so fun! I let the inspiration flow and i even made a non-scrap detail, a little fence that i made out of our garden fence! Some bits the Titan chewed on and when i cleaned it up i was like, aha! i know what i'll do! :D

Tomorrow i'll gonna show you something that came in the mail today, i'm so pleased with it and  Philippe is just gonna make a hole in the wall so i can put it up! At last! :D

I would like to take my scrapbooking further, like doing some more with my "creative" side! Do something that is more "useful" or artsy. 
Scrapbooking is just in your album and you can't really do
 anything with it! (And honestly i don't think Philippe would like to have scrapbook-paintings all over the house ;)
But i have so many ideas that i never can settle on one, you know i try one thing,  i'm not totally 
satisfied, i'll try something else etc etc.  I haven't found
"my" thing yet. I think of doing rings, 
paintings, sewing stuff etc but i just haven't "the thing" so... I've always been creative and my
home is filled up with stuff but it's when i started scrap that i felt at last a thing that i finish!

Enough bla bla, good night and see you tomorrow with my thingie on the wall!



Nessa said...

this layout is so wonderful! i love it asa!!! this challenge was for you :-)

Mikaela said...