11 February 2008


Hej hopp!
I did three in a row, it's so fun. I'm trying some new stuff and to not do the same thing all the time. I have an impression that all my stuff looks the same and i'm taking a tripp in the bloggo-
sphere to get some inspiration! The flower on "Fun" is a real ripp of Lucy! :D
Do you know any Challenge-blogs? Sometimes it would be fun to have a "goal" with my scrapbooking, like this one for Scrap Challenge 2008!

Cute Meryl:

Fun with my friends!

See ya!


Silje Røe Hagland said...

Skikkelig kule LOer! Jeg eeelsker stilen din, du er saa inspirerende! :)

Haaper du hadde en fin helg! <3

Anonymous said...

Helt fantastiska bilder du gör!

Nessa said...

i love them! these are so so cute!!!!
you rock asa!! really!!! you are my idol!!!

Anonymous said...

I love them all!!!!! way to go Asa!!!