22 March 2010

Rest of pics





Yesterday we celebrated Philippes birthday with his family and I think we spent 6 hours, from 12 to 18 non stop, eating! Longest lunch in the history, we had fun!
Later on in the evening I started the mini with all the before photos from our apartment. I use Studio Calico and American Crafts in a little non-scrap-found-at-the-supermarket-binder. All day long here at work I've been thinking how I should put it together and looking for inspiration in all your blogs... I can't wait to end work today: maybe I'll finish it tonight!


Marie/Mison said...

Ser fram emot att få se minialbumet. Håller på med ett själv, men har kört fast. Kanske får jag lite insprition av dig. Kul ide med cirklarna inuti kortet. Hoppas våren kommit till Er ordentligt. Här ligger en meter snö altjämt kvar.

Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

how lovely is that? *__*