25 August 2008

Back to school! :D

I'm back in school, I'm in the steward/airhostess school here in Montpellier! I'm working, studying 24/24, never thought it would be this hard... Of course every little detail about airplanes, security etc but we're also learning everything about the human body, all the treatments if something happens up there, I even gave birth to a plastic doll! He! We do what nurses learn in one year, in three weeks!!!

I'll be doing this until november so, scrapping and blogging is put aside for a while!

Hope you have a great summer and that you all are doing fiiiine!

:D Kisses, bisous, pussar!


Anonymous said...

que vous êtes belle, félicitation pour cette nouvelle entrée et bon courage dans tes études
gros bisous

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow !! What a nice news ! Coool !!!! It's funny ! You may be know my cousin.. he's stuying to become stewart !!! and he lives in Montpellier.. heehee !
xoxo !!!

Tipsy Tessie said...

Heja heja, du ser ju redan ut som en flygvärdinna ända ut i fingerspetsarna (de manikurerade naturligtvis :) Go girl!!!

MrsW said...

Från en gammal charterprinsessa önskas det LYCKA TILL! Hoppas att du kommer att trivas lika bra i ditt nya jobb, som jag en gång gjorde i mitt!

Saknar dina fina layouter och alla dina inspirerande alster dock... hoppas att du kommer igång och har tid snart med lite scrapping också!
Kikar ju troget in i din blogg och väntar otåligt!

{Cristina&David} said...

Bon, bah comme ça tu pourras venir à Paris !!!! LOL !!!!!!!! ;)
Bon courage !!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

ya mon demi frère à l'ecole des pilotes de frégorgue ! c'est rigolo !
sa nana y est aussi il me semble !!!
bisous et vive Mtp !

NB : Tu seras à EA en octobre ?

Vee said...

good luck that is awesome!1 :)