17 June 2008

Tomorrow I'm turning 29!

It's my birthday tomorrow! Last time I'll turn 20 something! Hilfe!
I'm having lunch with Karen tomorrow and then Philippe and I will go pick up my present, I know what I'm getting, my man is the best!!! :D
For the evening we reserved a table in a nice little restaurant at the beach, it's so cosy.

I might throw a little party this weekend but since I don't know that much people here in France it's gonna be mostly friends of Philippe but still some of my girlfriends here! :D
Sad though that Aude and Isis isn't yet home from Belgium, they'll come in the end of the month and we'll throw a party then!!! :D

As I'm turning 29 I'm starting to think more about the future in a real serious way. I'm such a baby. I have younger friends that are already mums and dads and I don't feel ready at all...
My mum was 35 when she got, has that something to do with it?
Philippe is 3 years younger then me so he's not rushed at all which suits me fine!
But a little bell has started to ring very quietly back in my head to tell me that, hmmm, you can't just wait until your 40...

And then professionally speaking I'm not finished at all, I have no idea what I wanna be when I grow up ;)
Well, abit more now though and I have a date (24 of june) that I'm waiting for but I prefere to talk about that when it's over! But think of me that date! :)

A lot of blabla, and even a page about it!

Now I'm gonna dye my hair, it's been a while and I'm so tired of my blemish brown and wanna go nanana na na na ...back to black :)

Have a nice summery day!


Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

<3<3<3 big kiss!!!

Nessa said...

happy birthday asa
mine is on 22nd of june and i'll turn 28....the time goes too quickly!!!!!!

Silje Røe Hagland said...

!! Takk for bursdags hilsenen, du er saa soet!

Masse masse klemmer idag, og imorgen paa din bursdag! Jeg haaper du faar en fin dag!

Ta masse bilder! :)


Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you !! Happy birthday to youuuuuuu !! happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu Asa !! Happy Birthday to yououuuuuu !!!

Anonymous said...

it was me... lol

Christine said...

gratulerer med dagen :D:D

Nipsu said...

Jättesnygg blogg du har och härliga layouter! Grattis på din födelsedag i efterskott!!:-)