30 June 2008

Scrappin' some

My ladies! Aude is here for summer! At last! She and Isis & Amelie (not in picture) study in Belgium and I only see them twice a year for the moment! But now they're here for 3 months! Yippi!
Stephanie works in Paris so I don't get the chance to see her often neither and finally Audrey is a topboss in a US firm so... but with summer here we'll try to get together as much as possible!

This week means organisation, paperwork and planning the future. I'm trying to make myself a planning, up early, 2 hours of paperwork etc, some internet, lunch, some more paperwork and errands, afternoon-tanning and pool, dinner and scrapping as the sun sets! Life isn't too hard on me for the moment but it will all change very soon so I'll profit! :)

Have a nice week guys (even if you're girls ;) and I wanna say thank you for all sweet comments since I've started this blog, it makes my heart sing!


Almost forgot! Here's the layouts that I've done this weekend! I really like the "new" style that I'm scrapping now, it's more of memory-making than just creating. But anyways, I always change and that's what I like, otherwise it's boooring! :D


Renée og Amanda said...

Jeg digger bloggen din! Så mye fint å se på :)

Silje Røe Hagland said...

oooh FINE layouts, jeg liker spesielt godt "29" <3

Saa kult at dine venner er der, og saa herlige dine dager hoeres ut :)
Sommer er best!

Masse klemmer <3

Tipsy Tessie said...

Herregud du måste vara inne i värsta scrappstimmet just nu. De är helt underbara alla tre LOsarna tycker jag!!!:) Gillar stilen skarpt.

Lite trött ikväll men lyckades tills sist få ihop en LO, men jag vet inte riktigt om jag tycker om den än-så brukar det vara för mig jag får gå och kolla den ett tag innan jag bestämmer om jag gillar eller ej.

Vee said...

oooh, love them ALL!

Mandy said...

Titan is so cute!
And i love your layouts!