08 June 2008

My family is gone! :(

Now they are already back in Stockholm and I feel a bit sad... It's hard sometimes to have your family that far away...

I had such a good week, only swedish all day, shopping, sightseeing, good food and laughter! :D
Tomorrow I'll upload photos from the week, but most of the pics were taken with my mum's compact so I have to wait until she sends them.

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I was reading a few post down about how you can't find your raw+jpeg pictures on the computer. If your camera came with a picture software cd, load that. You can import raw files into that, and then usually under the file tab there is a button that says export jpeg. You can then save them in a file and open them in CS3!

Vee said...

:( I hope you are in better spirits today. It is hard being away from family, but looks like you will have plenty of great photos to scrap :)
serious + :)