03 June 2008

My family is coming! :)

Just showing you my lastest LO for the Scrap Challenge this week.

I'm so thrilled, tonight I'm picking up my mum, aunt and cousine in Marseille at 23h! It's going to be sooooooo fun! :D

So, this week I'm going to be a bit absent in blogging and scrapping so see you on sunday, have lots of before and after-pics from my home to show all the thing I sew etc!

Today I'm going to do the groceries, cleaning the car, reserve tables in restaurants, call to see that the places I want to take them to are open etc etc, I'm am offically a tourist guide! :)

Have a really nice week, maybe I'll stop by in your blog anyway, I'm addicted, just before bedtime! :D


Tipsy Tessie said...

Åh vilken härlig LO! Du börjar att bli lite expert på att scrappa foton på saker! Jätteskoj!

Silje Røe Hagland said...

aah nydelig lo!
Saa kult at du faar besoek :) Du er nok en bra tur guide :D

min pappa kommer endelig paa besoek i August, han har aldri vaert i Amerika foer! Jeg gleder meg!! :)

<3 Klem

isa...belle said...

Hope you're having a great time with your family ! You'll have a wonderful subject for "recap of June" !!!

Mandi Johnson said...

That teacup is sooo lovely! As is the whole layout! :)

And by the way... I think you win the prize for leaving the absolute CUTEST comment on my blog! haha I love that song.