13 June 2008

I'm sick

Voilà, finally summer is here after weeks of bad weather. Yeaj, if it wasn't for the fact that this is the moment my body decides to get ill. Pfff... I have a summer-cold. Stayed out until 1 in the morning in my little dress and now I pay... So now, blanket, pillows and tv. No enery at all to scrap or other, had plenty of new ideas, but I'm to weak to do anything at all...

Though, I had the energy to go to the press-store and buy some magazines and 2 tickets, one to Loto and one to Euromillions with 28 000 000€ to win! I'm the one! I'll win! Even just 1 million is enough, I can share ;)

Hope you're all enjoying summer and have a nice weekend


Tipsy Tessie said...

Stackars lilla du. Bädda ner dig ordentligt och krya på dig :)

Silje Røe Hagland said...

aah, jeg haaper du blir frisk snart!
Jeg krysser fingrene for at du vinner lotto :)


k said...

Hope you're feeling better. Love your scrapbooking work.