27 June 2008

Evening Doggywalk

As I don't have the photos from my birthday etc and nothing special is happening, it's just to hot to think (yesterday we had 38°C!), I'll show you our daily or almost nightly dogwalk. Voilà, as I said, nothing much to share for the moment. And since it's around 11 in the evening it starts to get comfy it's too late to scrap so...

This is our "yard", our terrasse leads to our mini-marina.

Le plus beau.

Some of our neighbours has their terrasse floating over water, nice! But even more mosquitos than us, blä!

Titan found a buddy, there's about 5 french bulldogs around here.

My new favorite dress, love it!

Happy puppy! :D 


Silje Røe Hagland said...

aah jippi! Saa fine bilder, det er nydelig der du bor <3 Faar jeg komme paa besoek ;p

Ogsaa saa soet du er i kjolen din, den var kjempe fin!!! :)

Titan ser meget happy ut :)


Tipsy Tessie said...

vilka underbart snygga bilder. Ser jättehärligt ut! här ska värmen återkomma under nästa vecka säger de på vädret. Hoppas på detta :)
Kul, kul, kul att du gillade födelsedagspresenten:) beställde ett t och blomma till mig oxså som jag ska få i födelsedagspresent :)

Hörs senare

Vee said...

love your dress and your pups are so cute!