31 May 2008

So much to do, so little time...

Oh, finally a moment to blog a bit! We've been turning the house upside down, cleaning, re-organize all spaces, my scrapcorner is now bigger and better, some photos are finally framed and up on the wall etc. The trunk I found in the thrift store is cleaned and in place, I love it.

On the same time that I'm blogging I'm downloading the goodie bag from SiStv that I ordered thursday! It's for their online-classes the 13-15 of june, it's gonna be fun! It's my first class and I'm also taking an additional class with Céline Navarro. Cool! :)

I was supposed to go to a flea market this morning but since the rain wont stop... No findings for me. Next week.

I'm starting to figure out all the seetings and functions of my camera and at last my printer is somewhat configured like I want it. Before I took a pic, photoshopped it a bit and when I printed it, it came out as a colorbomb from hell. Horrible, skin for example came out like a lobster. No fun. But now I'm on Adobe RVB in the camera, made the same color profil in CS3 and finally the printer. Still don't really get the RAW-thing but I'm on it. I mean I chose RAW+jpeg in the camera but when I upload them to the computer I can't find them...?
And when I'm thinking about this, these 2 do this...

Time for lunch and the finishing of the house spring-cleaning!

Have a really nice saturday! :D

PS. Here's my latest little minibook about random stuff!
Go here to see all!


terese said...

jag älskar minialbum! härligt!!

och - hihi - då skulle ju lugg passa dig utmärkt dårå ;-) :-D

Vee said...

love your mini!!! you are amazing with your camera, that photo is adorable! ;)