17 May 2008

Rainy afternoon

This is how I spent this afternoon, swedish candy bought at Ikea and one of the swedish mag that mum sends me. Can it be better a rainy afternoon...?

Went shopping today, trying to find a present for a little baby-girl, so hard! Finally bought a dress and sunglasses etc and made a pink card. All this because we're invited to her baptisme(?) sunday :) Fun!

Now it's really late and I'm going to bed, went to Karen's and babbled until 1am in the morning, got home and the guys are STILL on the pse, fotball game. Wiha! Got to bed just in protest! :)

Good night, sleep tight!



Kirsten said...

WOW! In my travels through blog-world I came in to yours! A Swede in Montpellier! My sister is a Norwegian in Montpellier! I have been to visit her 3 times over the last years - and I love the town and the beach not far away!

Mange hilsener fra Kirsten

Anonymous said...

Yum !!! beautiful picture !!!!
Bye !!!