09 March 2008

Tjohoo! At last!

At last i received my"poster"! It's actually a photo taken by Silje Roe Hagland that i had developped in the original size! I just love it! :D The only little disturbing thing is that the frame that i bought is not "anti-reflecting" and as we have a window on the opposite wall you dont see the photo from certain angles... Don't know how to solve that...
This is the first in a row of photos, posters and other art that is coming up on this wall, i want to have different art really surrounding the table. As Philippe and me don't have the same taste AT ALL it's taking some time but at least we have a first one! :)
I also want to paint this wall, but wich color? Help! :) I want a really acid color, like lime, turqouis, pink or something! Please i'd love to have some suggestions!

Now i'm gonna get back to scrapping, have a nice sunday!

And thanks again Silje! <3



Silje Røe Hagland said...

Bare hyggelig! saa fint det ble! :)
Jeg synes du skulle male veggen turkis!! <3

Haaper du har hatt en fin helg!

Tipsy Tessie said...

Sketsnyggt-sa já té dej!
Jättefräckt blev det. Ja, jag skulle nog satsa på att måla väggen turkos oxså.
Det är ju fortfarande två veckor kvar till påsk, men man måste ju vara ute med påskpyntet i tid, annars hinner man ju knappt sätta upp det förrän det ska ner igen. Har en sköön slappesöndag inne för regnet vägra att hålla upp idag.
Ha det bra! och scrappa på!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo gorgeous! No wonder you "needed" this!

Anonymous said...

Hi !!!
Very nice this poster !!! Why not painting the wall in yellow ??????
Haha !! I love your page with "Opération nain de jardin".. This remembers me something.... When i was a teenager, the favourite game of my friends was to stole "nain de jardin" and claim ransoms.. like some bottles of beer or chocolate... lol...
Nothing bad... lol !!!
So, it is time for me to go back home.. (I'm at work.. lol)
Bye !!!

leila Jezequel said...

nice poster!And the Amelie challenge Lo is very funny!I feel ispired by Amelie too!have a nice day!

Jodie said...

i think it looks beautiful, really awesome idea, and i cant wait to see the rest of the wall.

also ur puppy is so damn adorable in the previous post, a huge awwww