06 January 2008

LO Mania!

I've been scrapping and i can't stop! Ahhh... how i love it! Philippe is away seeing his friends so i have the entire livingroom for myself, yes!
I'd really love to have a scraproom... or a scrapcorner...
or a scrap... table!

This is why, when we buy our villa in 2037, i'm gonna have a huge workshop were i can leave my stuff all over for weeks without having to clean up before going to bed! Quel bordel! :)

Bon, here some of my new layout and i'm continuing all day (and night) long!


Anonymous said...

Hi Asa !
This page is beautiful !!!
I love it !!!

Anonymous said...

Woaw! I like it! I love so much your blog!
Vi ses! (jag talar a lite svenska!!!)