06 January 2008

This is us new years eve were we finished up six in the morning eating chips after a long night at La Villa Rouge - electro club! I haven't been out dancing in months so this was just So Fun! The picture is taken before though ;)

Me and my mum in 1982! Fun!

Philippe in 2000. Babyface! But wait... 2000 that was 
2 years ago, right?!? And i'm born in... 1979. Hmmm.

 This is an album called "A day at the beach". I don't like it. 
But i'll finish it and i'll show you anyway!

You could say that i like turqouise no...?


Nessa said...

i love love love love your style!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you really rock............
and yes, i think you love turquoise, just like me!!!!!
you rock rock rock

Mauri CITA said...

Hi there Asa!
Congrats for being in the Scrapchallenge Team!

I absolutely love your style and turquoise too hehe

Love these pages... well done!