10 December 2013


I must be a little strange I know but the first pages in my album didn't please me so I started all over! So here is the updated version along with the newest pages:

Viggo met Santa last Sunday and we made it our christmas card for the year! It's a free template that you can find here and print at home!

Viggo was so sweet and sat quietly beside Santa the time for a photo. One that is and then he wanted to get back into daddys arms... Santa is a biiit scary.

That little neck!!! I used this tag "le miracle de noël" for Viggo, he is born the 30th of December and in 2011 we spent the best Christmas and New Years Eve! Philippe went out to buy foie gras, the nurses offered champagne and we spent the evening in our room at the maternity clinic us three, Viggo being only 24 hours old! He is our miracle!

A hello in the car!

Viggo likes to scrap too :)

It snowed last week! Here, in Montpellier! Well, it lasted for 20 minutes but it made this Swedish girls' day!

We went to the Christmas market in the village next to ours, we bought sausages for daddy and and had mulled wine...

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