09 October 2013


Hej hej!

Sorry for the absence here, I was up for a quickie this weekend to visit my mum in Stockholm! I shopped a bit 'til I dropped and I met sweet Emma, my BFF when I was little and that I hadn't seen in real since 2000! Amazing to just sit down and talk about everything and nothing fourteen years later. Note to self: Do this more often. I also had the time to swing by Jessica, my childhood friend that I know since 1984, to give her a hug! In between helping my mum with paperwork for her move (my childhood home is now sold) and visit her new place and seeing these lovely ladies I squeezed in a couple of hours to shop. I found Littlephant kids clothes at Lindex, a Swedish store that you can now buy online from in several countries. I love Littlephant  and Lindex's eco choise so this is what I threw in my basket. 

I would have gone crazy if it wasn’t the fact I could only bring 10 kilos since I only had hand luggage. Next time I’ll go I will take luggage AND extra luggage, I always do the same error…

I also bought Swedish kids books and things for me from Gina Tricot (another Swedish fave), I’ll show you more later.

Have a nice afternoon!

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