21 October 2013


This weekend was all rainy and I got a cold, so much for cosy autumn… We did some approvements on the house and I painted a little for Viggos room. Now I want to change the color of the wall or put up some wallpaper (from Ferm Living if I could… ) but I don’t think it’s really time to ask for that for the moment, we still have a lot of less funny stuff to finish on the house before rethinking decoration. J  

So I mostly spent my time on the couch with my iPad and Pinterest as company – and of course a mini me that really like to swipe on the tablet and push the buttons and climb over the screen and… ouf how toddlers can be exhausting, but oh so cute!

Here is my 3 Pinterest faves of the day:

My friend told me this one day and it's oh so true

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