17 April 2011

I like: Spring Plantation + Guest Room

Welcome spring!

Here in Montpellier we already had the first heatwave last weekend with 35°, that means barbeque and laying still trying not to sweat away... But oh so lovely!

We planted some Rhododendron today, watched some movies and I decided to take some first "finished"-photos of the house, beginning with the guest room. Finished is maybe not the word since there are no decoration but finished with paintings, floor, cornices, furnitures etc. Since we do all ourself it's slow but sure!

Edit* I'll post a "before" photo of the room, it's more fun!

DSC_1894 vers 2

Parquet floor upstairs


Edit* This is the before
Guest room before
I have other angles to show later when it's decorated and really done...

Spring plantation:
Blossom flower, blossom!


(This one is just for my mum :)

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Pretty Arty said...

looks like a lovely home! can't wait to see more of your decoration:)