10 October 2010



Here is the (unfinished) recepie notebook I began yesterday; I want to add more layers and "touch" to it, I think it's too clean and simple like this. I'm gonna add some of my lovely tape and some kitchen elements and I will leave some pages blank so I can add recepies in the future.

It's raining and raining this sunday, perfect for scrapbooking and pie making, apple pie à la moi... Cosy ♥



I like this day: 101010 :)


SandrinEve said...

J'aime beaucoup la couverture toute simple comme çà. Il est très beau et je suis sûre que les recettes sont bonnes aussi

Love, Carrie said...

What a perfect recepie book!

<3 Carrie

Nina said...

Ååååh, den må vara stilren, men den är ju GALET läcker!! Rackarns vad du är BÄST! Du borde arbeta som designer eller grafik av något slag (eller får du utlopp för din kreativitet i ditt nuvarande yrke?)....du har så mycket talang. KRAM!