30 November 2009


Tomorrow I'll really try taking some photos of our house, we've finished quite much but still some decorating projects to be done. Like my fireplace-but-it's-a-wooden-wall-with-plasma-and-buffalo-horns-thing... Yes I have buffalo horns that are waiting to be put on the wall! Inspired by this from danish magazine RUM 

danska RUM

[Collage made by me] with photo from RUM

Picnik collage

Demain je vais essayer prendre qq photos de notre appart, on a bien avancé, maintenant il manque juste la déco. Comme ce projet de clouer-qq-planches-de-bois-sur-le-mur-et-ensuite-attacher-les-corns-de-buffle-et-pretendre-que-c'est-une-cheminée... :) Inspiration du magazine danois RUM

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Marta said...

Hi, i just taking a look on the web and i found your blog. You rocks!!! Its so beautrifull every Layouts os Scrap.

Im going to follow your work and Happy Christmas to you too.

Kisses from Spain