13 March 2009

Long time no see...

...life's busy sometimes with ups and downs! Had some real good and bad news, in january Air France replied to my job application that they are really interested and 2 weeks ago they sent out a mail to everybody saying they're "freezing" all new recruitment until... april 2010! You can imagine my feelings.

So now I have to look forward and restart. What do I want to do? Hard questions and difficult situation.

Enough of that and off to scrap, at least that makes me real calm and happy! :) And talking to all you wonderful girls and knowing that this hobby made it possible to meet a hole bunch of wonderful people - you! Joy!

I took a pic of Isis last sunday and I just had to scrap it real quick! Spring colors and flowers to welcome mars with 24°C tomorrow! Wow!


Darling detail 1

Dinner time, I'm off!


maybe*mej said...

hej. så kul att höra från dig. Japp... du har vart saknad =). Jättefin LO du har skapat. Underbara färger. Är så avis på er som har så varmt och skönt... här är det snö...=( giillar det inte.. v ill ha vår.) trevlig helg. kram

Nallebr.. said...

underbart fin lo!!

Anonymous said...

elle est sublime cette page j'adoore :)

Anonymous said...

Superbe ta page!!!
J'aime trop!
J'espère que tu vas bien!

Elisa P. said...

Good to see you back!geniale ta page je trouve la photo exceptionelle et ces coueurs qui contrastent avec genial! pour air france je suis vraiment désolé j'ai plusieurs amies a toulouse qui veulent etre hotesses c'est pareil. Par contre elles ont eu plus de chance avec corsair et airlinair(si ca peut t'aider).Sinon j'ai été a montpel cette semaine, maintenant que je connais mieux et bientot j'aurai une nouvelle voiture, je te previendrai la prochaine fois que je viendrai on pourra se rencontrer! bisous et bon week end ensoleillé

Nina said...

Här är en till som har saknat dig :) Ledsen för det tråkiga jobb-beskedet, du som har kämpat så hårt för att nå ditt mål! Men men, det går väl fler tåg (eller flyg!)...ge inte upp!!
Din layout är alldeles underbar och inspirerande som vanligt. Jag avgudar din stil. Du är bäst.


Anonymous said...

WWWOOH! Magnifique, lumineux; j'adore le mix papier fleuri-flashy et le papier vintage-écriture: c'est extra!

Karmele said...

Cute layout!!!

Mya said...

du har varit saknad här :) underbart fin lo! så tråkigt med jobbet, hoppas att det snart löser sig, kram myamia

Anonymous said...

Ta page est superbe! J'aime beaucoup la photo!

sam said...

oh that's a bummer, hope you can decide what you want to do until 2010 and have fun with it. love you're layout, love those flowers in the corner! hugs sam

Jodie said...

your work always makes me smile, your use of colour and everything is just gorgeous babe :)
im sorry to hear about the job thing, wow 2010 is a long way off, but in a way its not i mean look how fast time goes these days?
i guess the economical crisis sucks hey :(
take care