02 January 2009

I l♥ve this!


My christmas-bracelet! From Lollipop, one of my favorite boutiques here in Montpellier. We decided not to give that many presents this year (we're saving up for a puppy! :) but I got this one and tomorrow we're off to Ikea for the rest of "my" gift. Since it's for the house I get to choose but in the end it's for both of us! :) Getting some fabric, frames, pillows etc but also wanna look at a sideboard.

I'm also "returning" my christmas tree, 'cus here you pay 20€ for it and if you return it before the 11 january you get a 'receipt' with 19€ to use in your Ikea store! That means you've paid only 1€ for it, nice! I know that Philippe says it's just a way for them to have only more customers that will of course buy for more than 19€ and I'm completely aware of it but it's feels nice though, some "free" shopping! :)

This sunday I'm also gonna try go to the local "puces", flea market at Palavas, a lamp, some kind of little furniture for the entrée...

And tomorrow, cleaning, Ikea, some scrapping maybe and Karen is coming back from her one week wedding-trip to Las Vegas/San Francisco! I hope she took a loooot of photos!

Hej hopp!

Ps. Tessie sent me the very best of christmas gifts - swedish candy, swedish magazine, the aliE-layered templates (all of them!!!), cute stamp, sweet cards, angelwings to scrap etc etc!!! Thank you sweetie pie, so happy you're my friend!



Elisa P. said...

that sounds like a great week end to me! Looking forwards to seing your deco and scrapping xxx

Tipsy Tessie said...

Guuuuud vilket snyggt armband-me like :)
Vilket smart sätt att få shoppa lite mer på Ikea :) Vi var där igår (på Ikea) och köpte nytt skrivbord till Ronnie och lite ramar till mig. Verkar som att vi är i inredningstagen bägge två. Missade dig nog på nyårsdagen. Har du tid att chatta snart?
Kramar och gott nytt igen och tack för ditt gulliga SMS-jag skrattade gott :)