06 July 2008

BBQ at our place



And of course as usual, I'm behind the camera, not in any of my pics, but the girls took with theirs so once again I have to wait until someone makes the effort to load some...

Quality sucks, it's an album-maker-thingie that transforms your pics into sh*t!

But we had FUN! :D


Tipsy Tessie said...

Ser ut som att ni hade kul i lördaxs. Många goa drinkar :)

Så snygg din logga blev-skitsnygg klänning-passar bra där.

Sorry att jag inte hört av mig men jag semesterar ju :)
När ska du börja jobba-eller har ni redan börjat?

Mandi Johnson said...

awesome! That looks like it was a lotta fun. I know what you mean- I hardly ever show up in my pics! haha