25 May 2008


This weekend we've been re-decorating the house. Went to the 'Emmaëus', local thrift-store, and found an old trunk from Senegal. It's now a sideboard to our sofa! :) We also bought a huge plant and two black carpets, the hairy ones, "ryamatta" in swedish... It really "cosend" up the whole house and now that only thing we're missing is some painting and other things to put on the walls, besides photos.
As it's already midnight I'll take some pics tomorrow morning to show you! I'll try to finish the coushins made of my Etsy-fabric, I've got so much stuff in the owen on the same time!
I've finished the new mini and it turn out really nice!

Today was mothers day in France so we were invited at Philippes mothers house and I think we were almost 20! Fun! I made a swedish crumble with raspberry and vanilla sauce! Yum-O!

Now it's late so, see you tomorrow!


Oh, here's my latest LO, and got some other stuff to share tomorrow too!


Tipsy Tessie said...

Guud, vilken härlig LO! Korten är ju så läckra. Snygg rosa vägg!

Älskar smulpaj, så gott! gillar de smulpaj i Frankrike också? Gjorde citron-och hallonmarängpaj till min mamma :)

Susanne H / snuffehar said...

Vilken snygg layout!! Gott med paj, hoppas ni hade en bra dag.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !