04 April 2008


I dusted off my sewing-machine that was forgotten in my closet and now it's all shiny and happy! :) It looks at me and says - sew mama, sew! So - i sew! Not a natural born dressmaker but i'm trying and since my mother is coming tomorrow (yeah) and she's been sewing since i'm born, i'll ask here plenty of questions and all sunday is for sewing etc! It's gonna be so fun! She's been here lots of times so there's no more sightseeing with her, just hanging out with mamma! I'll pick her up at the airport in Marseille that is a 2 hours drive from here tomorrow at midnight (!) and she stays a couple of days. And then pappa the 14th!

Now - lunch, bon appétit!



Silje Røe Hagland said...

wow! lekker LO! Og saa goey at du har funnet frem symaskinen :) Gleder meg til aa se hva du lager!! :)

<3 klem

Unknown said...

awww i cant wait to get one!!!:)

FauveDesign said...

<3 this,soooo cool!

Vee said...

gorgeous fabric!! :)