10 April 2008

The return!

Yeaj! My computer is doing better, no more breakdowns! It's weird how internet-addicted i've got, 5 days without it and i'm feeling lost. But now i'm back.

My mom was here and it was so funny, so funny that i completely forgot the take pictures, we just sew all day long and strolled at the beach, lovely! :D

I made a bag with some ikea-fabric and it turn out really well and tonight i'm going to a friends house try to show her how it's done and surely sew some others, it's so fun! My mum sew since i'm born so she really gave me useful technic tips.
I'm putting up pictures later on this afternoon, it's rainnig now so i'm gonna wait for better light and profit to scrap wich i haven't done in a week!

See you later alligater!


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