14 January 2008

New ones

The cupcakes turn out to be really yummy but oh so ugly :D Now i know how to for the next time! I found my pens that i forgotten so i did a cupcake. I'm gonna draw more for my
scrapbooking, it's like personalized emellishments!

Titan is so cute that i can almost not look at him because i do these strange noices, that i didn't know i had in me :D Mon dieu, you should see us, Philippe and i, on the floor talking baby-talk with this gremlin-pig-batman-baby!
We're so in love with him that our friends look strangely at us :D

See ya!


Nessa said...

i really love your style really really really

look at my blog, it's now written both in french and english

see you

manu said...

hum miam miam

Nessa said...

pour répondre à ton com sur mon blog, le scrap acidulé est un nom que j'ai donné à mon style de scrap quand je fais des choses un peu délirantes et flashy


Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

*-* i love your style