23 April 2014


Life has been kind of hectic around here and with a week of stomach flu on top of that, the blog has been a bit forgotten! But here I am and let's catch up in images!

I've been scrapping a lot, I've finished week 14 and we're 17 so I'm pretty good.

We've been eating strawberries.
And making crèpes... a lot of crèpes.
And chillin' in the sun after a bad week of stomach flu.
There's been a bit too much sleeping in mum's and dad's bed...
And grandma Sweden came to visit! With lot's of gifts and books, yaj!
We've been reading those forspoken books...
We walked in the forest and braught home a little ivy sapling, we hope it will survive!
And we went the our favorit spot, Botanic, plants, seeds, pots and flowers - and chickens!

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