23 December 2013


This weekend all we did was Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts, Christmas gifts! On Saturday I did a little tour giving my fave girls some presents and then I was all in for finding what was missing under the Christmas tree. It took me 4 hours but now I’m done and am literally as excited as a five year old! I love Christmas and I love giving! Can’t wait to see the faces when they’ll be opening the presents…

Sunday we spent wrapping those presents and that was a hours-taking business as well. I did it simple and fun this year, no elegant or sophisticated style here, just funny and dotty paper and the freebie gift tags from yesterdays’ post. Voilà!

Viggo helped me out, painted on his new thingie (thank you Karen!) and then we ate. All day. And Viggo made funny faces with daddy and though it was hilarious as you can see.

I really want Santa to read my wish list cus I need a new camera… All thse are taken with my mobile + vsco since the Nikon is just too heavy to carry around taking snapshots with and it comes out rather crappy... And, note to self! Wipe that phone camera off before taking pics!

Now - Lunch time! 

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