26 December 2013


Since I am a hard core Christmas lover, things have to be like I want them to be. Therefore my little family celebrates like we do it in Sweden, whether they want to or not. This is to be told since Phil is a food lover and to not have his traditional Christmas dinner is admirable and valiant... :) We also do everything the 24th of december, food and presents. The 25th it's all over in Sweden! But since we've been together for 8 years now, he is kinda use to it.
So early Christmas morning, the 24th called Julafton, I went to Ikea to get the last details food-wise that was missing and we were good to go. I spent an hour or two in the kitchen making dinner while the others just chilled and peeked at the presents. This little one most particular:

"- I know I shouldn't be peeking" :)

Then I made the table and we ate! A LOT! Plenty of swedish x-mas specialties.

And around eight we started the gift giving so Viggo wouldn't be too tired.
Unfortunately the man in the house took some lovely pics without looking at the result and 10 out of 10 photos are blurry... But you can still see this little man's face and the happiness and we made some pretty darn good memories in our hearts, I tell ya!

Playing with the word cards he got, a hit!

Then it was time for us to open. I'd been squeezing and lifting mine for days and I was sure I was getting the little Canon printer. Sure like absolutely sure. I start open the big box and first thing I see is a logo with mountains. Oh, I thought, he got me the Sorel boots I peeked at. I start open and I pull out a pair of Timberlands... Phils' ol' Timbs... What the?!
Then I see the note:

Your gift is in the garage!!!

I look again at the box and I see the Burton Snowboards logo, not Sorel. I run to the garage (all this time ugly crying big time) and there I see not snowboard boots as I thought but a freaking snowboard!!! My snowboard that I've been looking at for months! 
Best gift ever from best boyfriend ever! He is completely CRAZY! 
To be added is that he also gave me a ring people (!) and a gloss that he picked out!
I've been complaining over his non-capacities to pick a gift, every year I pick out my own and no surprise has been going on. Until now. I take it all back! :D Love you!

A Burton Deja Vu Flying V with Escapade EST bindings for those who cares  :)

He made himself a pretty good gift too since he bought himself one also! :D Ha ha, we just spent the rest of the evening looking at the boards and planning this winter season! Yeaaaah! 

So I had a pretty awesome Christmas and I hope you did too! We went to bed late, slept all 3 in the big bed and didn't even clean up so this is just from me to you:


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På landet vid havet said...

Ni verkar ha haft en underbar jul! Kul att du behåller dina traditioner och för dem vidare! :)
Gott Nytt År!
Kram Mia