22 November 2013


I have not much to say today other than my pants are really attracted to dust and such... 
But this is insignificant to the world and it's TGIF so I'll deal with it! :D

Since I've been home later than usual this week it's been mostly dinner, play and bloglovin'/tv in the evenings. No PL-ing, DIY-ing or photographing AT ALL so I have a list for this weekend. Here is what I want to do, where want to, is the keyword:

 Spray my bucket lids in copper (still haven't done this)
➼ Take a pic of the garland, my balls, my balls!
 Show you how this worked out
➼ Redecorate the office and make it into a walk in closet on one side and office/hobbyarea on the other, this might turn out impossible but I'll try...

Have an awesome afternoon! :)

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