14 November 2013


I read the new issue of “Trendenser”, an iPad magazine, and learned something I had no idea about. That scented candles can be bad for you, it's polluting your indoor air.
 Some scented candles are made of paraffin wax which is the “final by-product in the petroleum refining chain” and “it’s the bottom of the barrel even after asphalt extracted”… hmm. Your scented candle might scent a bit less nice after reading that. 

For me and my, for the moment 8 Ikea candles on the kitchen island, this strikes me as a bit unhealthy. Ikea makes cheap candles but they are all made of paraffin wax. And as my father-in-law says in French “moins cher est plus cher”, cheap is expensive, in this case it might be true. You pay later for crap.
To burn one once in a while doesn’t harm you at all but to be a freaking pyromaniac like me is a no no.

So take a closer look next time you buy a candle!

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Unknown said...

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