28 August 2013


I’m a real nail polish-nerd. I think that out of 365 days in a year, there are maybe 4 days when my nails aren't painted in some funky color. Really. Since my nails are a bit weak I use both strengthening base and nail polish to avoid broken ends all the time. I think I have a collection of about 30 colors that I like to choose and change from every other day. But this new multicolor/pattern style hasn’t been my cup of tea. Until now – I see more and more pretty patterns, like below, and I would like to try it out! I think I’ll have a try this weekend; I just have to find a fine brush to apply the pattern…
What do you think? Pretty or not?

1 comment:

Elisa P. said...

j'adore , mais compliqué a faire...j'ai testé et abandonné