18 June 2010

15h30: I'm stepping in to the adult side of life! Mama mia! :)


I'll be 31 today
Have a really nice day friends!


Pretty Arty said...

happy bday to you! and you're not an adult until you decide it! (that's what I keep telling myself :)

Bérangère DENIS said...

happy birthday, sweet lady!

Unknown said...

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Elisa P. said...

happy birthday my friend ! I actually ment to send you a card...but time flies !sorry x

Elisa said...

happy birthday my dear!!! i hope you had enjoyed as the 30th!!! I´ll be 32 this december :( I can´t believe it!!!
mua mua

Nina said...

Åh sötnos - GRATTIS i efterskott! Är det nu man blir vuxen? Jag blev 31 i maj...men pojkvännen blir 42, så jag känner mig väldigt ung fortfarande, hehe!

Nu när jag var sist att gratta dig på födelsedagen får jag väl vara först att önska God Jul istället! ;)

Denise Laborde said...

Happy Birthday! Bises, D

PS I like that you didn't consider yourself on the adult side of life until age 31! Lol.

Vee said...

happy belate birthday!! xo

Michelle Clement said...

Happy birthday!! :)