16 February 2010

My little stamp box

I've finally found a way to store my stamps! Only problem now, is that it wont close... :)
It's a little blue CD suitcase that I filled with clear stamps and rubber stamps. Much easier to find the one I need and nicer to look at than a shoebox.


This one is high up on the fave list!


I really love Kesi'art stamps, I would like to have them all...


I'll try to begin my mini I've been thinking about but since I'm going to bed in a half hour it will be hard. Getting home from work, doing the groceries, making enchiladas, dine, organise stamps, blog - the evening goes by in a wink...
I have to play the lottery so I can stay home everyday and scrap! :)


(Favvis)Maria said...

Smart att ha stämplarna i en cd-väska. Det kanske jag oxå skulle haft.

Elisa said...

great idea!!! very cute box, I need to find one for my stamps, they are in a box and sometimes I don´t see all of them therefore I don´t use them a lot :)
Kesiart stamps are great! I need to get some

Marta said...

i love the idea!!

Bérangère DENIS said...

that's an excellent idea! i have the same box at home, lol!!!! (I keep your idea!)