01 November 2009

{entreARTistes} page avec Karine C-T

I don't know how to translate "Grain de folie" in english... It's like crazy but in a cute way. The girls in the photos are my sweet working  collegues Laure and Maja with theirs daughters.

Grain de Folie

I like knots!

Grain de Folie det2

Like that little round alpha from Jenny Bowlin...


Today we'll: 

  • Put up the curtains that is waiting for us in shopping bags for like 4 weeks.
  • Put on the last handles on the kitchen doors (we have Ikea Faktum "Abstrakt" white with "Lansa" handels).
  • Take a trip to Botanic, that is a huge flower and plants store with lots of decoration, food and others. One of the only places open in France on sundays.
  • Long doggy walk
  • Scrap but that's only me I think, Philippe is more in to la sieste.

Have a really nice sunday!




Anonymous said...

One of the nicest layouts I've seen. Ever. Magnifique, stunning, bedarande :D!

stef said...

Superbe ce que tu as fait ! Je découvre ton blog au passage, j'adore ton style ! :)