17 January 2009

Things are clearing up (in the livingroom)

We're completely re-decorating our livingroom. When you're visiting blogs all day, the one nicer than another, with interiors and decorations to die for you develop a real need to try to do something with your own home.


This is our dining-corner with my sweet wall clock. The rest is under construction, we're moving all the furniture around to see where they fit best. Also want some vintage posters to put in my huge frames from Ikea. A lamp. New pillows for the sofa. Another lamp. New color for the wall. New sofa. Well, you get it, I'm in a nesting mood! :)

Have a great weekend friends!

Oh, and I like this from Cosmo Cricket!



Viv said...

your dining corner looks great!!! And cosmo cricket rocks!!!

j e n n y said...

ÅÅ vilken fin klocka! Den gillade jag verkligen! Var har du hittat den!? ..jag är nämligen på "köksklocka-jakt"! ;)
Å please - don't say France..! Hehe!