28 January 2009

Bits from my house

I wanted some change but without spending money. I took a nice butterfly-page that I found in "Domino", a framed it in a Ribba. I used a Basic grey-paper that I also framed in a Ribba (love those) and finally made a little arrangement in the kitchen together with huile d'olive and vinaigre balsamique... Cheap change rocks! :)


I'm gonna scrap tomorrow morning until 3pm! Fun!

I'm seriously thinking of going to Carrefour (the mall) that close at 10... I NEED candy! What shall I do? I have these needs like 2 times a year but this is a huge one.

I'm off - candy, here I come! :)



Mandi Johnson said...

oooh I love that ikea vase! :) I have the same one, and looove how versatile it is.

Mya said...

superfint!!! jag håller på med lite förändringar här hemma oxå. ska tex försöka mig på en tavla, men vi får se om jag vågar påbörja den ngn gång.. ;) kram