22 October 2008

News for the sofa!


I completely forgot to show you the pillow I sew a while ago for the sofa, my sushi-pillow! Such a fun tissu that I bought from Etsy (forgot the name of the boutique). 

And I want to thank you all for your oh so sweet comments in my blog, it makes me so so happy! You're the best! :)

Here in Montpellier it's raining and we had a thunderstorm this night that woke us up, I got so scared, thought it was something explosing outside the house but it was the lightning that struck at our neighbours place!!! They still haven't power! Scary... but rains means don't go outside (expect walking the dog, iiii) so now I've printed some photos and I'm gonna scrap! Sassafras here I come!

See ya! :)



sam said...

wow, that pillow is amazing! love the print of it!
have fun with sassafras! :)

Mandy said...

I was clicking links and arrived here.. But cool pillow!
That lightning story is scary!
Feel sad for your neighbours..
Love, Mandy