21 May 2008

BBQ - again!

Just came home from a bbq, the 13th on 3 weeks! I'm starting to look like a steak! And smells like one! :D

So, it's late to do a real post, just wanted to say good night and to tell you that my mojo is back and so am I, been a bit absent in blogging and commenting latest! I'll be better, I really like reading all of your cozy bloggs and I do read it everyday but just not enough time to comment! <3

And some good news! The 3rd of june my mother is coming, along with my aunt and cousin! :D :D It's the first time they're coming, well not my mum, she's here 4 times a year!

The pic is one of my fave dresses that I found in a second hand-store, or do you say thrift store for clothes too? Me like! :)

Good night to you!

PS. I bought some fabric from Etsy boutique "Catylou Quilts", so gorgeous, that my oh so lovely Tessie told me about, so cool! Can't wait to get them!


Mandi Johnson said...

I'm going shopping tomorrow and hope I can find at least one cute dress! I think most people day thrift store, but some people say second hand (my mom says that). Have you ever heard the song raspberry beret? It says second hand store... and the funny thing is that I actually have a raspberry beret from a second hand store.

Vee said...

awesome dress, great find!!