12 February 2008

Scandinavian café

I bought this book today, "Full Vinyl" and i'm so inspired that i'm already drawing some things! And a cool thing, my poster from ikea that i bought a couple of weeks ago it's actually one of the artist from the book that made it, Jon Burgerman! Cool! I'll show you some of my faves tomorrow. I would like to share with you right now but as usual my camera doesn't work inside in the evening :/ I so want a new one, i went to the photostore and talk to a guy for an hour and he recommended me Nikon D80. Do you have a hint about cameras for me? I mean he's nice but who can put out 830€ just like that? Huh?!

My project is going forward, i can tell you that i'm going to start a little scandinavian café here in Montpellier that is going to be so colorful that the french doesn't know where to look! :D I'm gonna serve some swedish specialties and i want my café to be like a Bam Pop-paper! I'm so up for suggestions in decoration, food and name for the café!!!! Of course i have a load of ideas and i'm just in the beginning of all, i don't even have a local yet but slowly slowly i'm getting things together!
Further on i'm going to show you some drawings of my decoration ideas et menus etc and you tell me what you think, it would be so fun! As i'm doing this alone (of course with Philippe but...) it would be so nice to have some help! :D

Have a nice evening!


Momoko Plush Tattooed Mom | Beauty and craft! said...

OMG this book is gonna be amazing *-*

Anonymous said...

Hello !!!
Oh !! Fantastic !!! My grand parents live in Montpellier... I will come and drink a coffee as soon as it will open !!! lol
Bye !

Nessa said...




Nessa said...

you has been nominated on my blog
just go and see

Anonymous said...

Very good idea this project. I am happy with this news because i am moving from Marseille to Montpellier in a few weeks.
Good luck !